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"Whatever an education is, it must empower you to lead your own life.  It must minimize your chances of being manipulated, of being made a pawn, of being an actor in someone else's play.  Any place that claims to "educate" must give young people actual autonomy, help them develop actual competencies, and facilitate actual social connections.  It must produce self-aware and self-motivated humans, not anxiety-ridden worker bees awaiting their next orders. An education is the capacity to author your own life instead of merely accepting the one handed to you." Blake Boles​

The Sparks classroom is very different than the traditional classroom. We are a culmination of 20 years of experience in a variety of educational arenas

July 26, 2021
Dear Sparks Families,
The Covid 19 pandemic brought many changes to our organization. In March 2020, we were very grateful for the unique privilege, as a homeschooling community, that allowed us to suspend in person classes and limit points of contact. We felt it was our civic responsibility and moral obligation to do our part to slow the spread. With your support we were able to offer opportunities online for the last 15 months that provided much needed connection to our kids and families.
Virtual classes were a new adventure for all of us. Some of our kids took right to them; for others it seemed to highlight the isolation of quarantine. The board focused on aligning our virtual delivery with the Sparks’ mission. We made every effort to lift marginalized populations and confront social justice issues while maintaining safety and nurturing our community.
With the Covid vaccine, the board was looking optimistically towards fall 2021. We had hoped to be able to organize some in person meet ups and monthly field trips. Unfortunately, with the current uptick in cases, due to new variants, we are seeing the need to limit points of contact, again, to keep our youngest Sparks’ family members safe.
In addition to the community health factors of the pandemic, our board and facilitators have had a number of significant personal life events. Those life events have compromised our ability to sustain Sparks as a Kansas Not-for-Profit business.
For these reasons, we are writing with a heavy heart to inform you that the Sparks’ board has voted to dissolve our organization.
The community we have cultivated since 2016 is beautiful, necessary, and has been life changing for many families, including our own. We are very grateful for the support and trust you have given. We love your kids and your families and this journey we have had together.
Cathy, Callie, Tara, & Julie

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