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March 18, 2020

We as a nation have been watching the Covid 19 epidemic unfold rapidly over the last week and a half. It is clear that suspending Sparks for the remainder of the session was the right thing to do, and looking at the critical role of social distancing in mitigating the spread of this disease, it is also clear that resuming sparks at what would have been the next session beginning April 6, 2020 would be wholly inappropriate.

We will continue to watch the progression of Covid 19 and as soon as it feels safe and responsible to both our private community and our larger communities, we will resume classes.

In short, we are pausing sparks classes and meetups indefinitely. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding during these unusual times. We will be looking for ways to support our families from a far until it is safe to resume regular practices.

Peace and health be with you all.

August 26, 2020
Sparks Ignite Incorporated Covid-19 Community Care Statement
The Covid-19 pandemic disproportionately affects minority and marginalized communities. The CDC has reviewed the latest science and affirms that cloth face coverings are a critical tool in protecting these communities by slowing and stopping the spread of the virus- particularly when used universally within a community setting.
Sparks Ignite Incorporated’s Core Values and Vision statement includes a pledge to center marginalized and minority people within our community. Centering these members means protecting them within our community; this includes facilitators, volunteers, students, and their family members.
Based upon our best current science, Anti-mask is anti-science rhetoric and is antithetical to our Core Values and Vision as an organization since it promotes behaviors that directly put these populations at an increase health and safety risk. Board members, facilitators, and volunteers at Sparks Ignite Incorporate who participate in anti-mask rhetoric present a conflict of interest to the Core Values and Vision and financial operations of Sparks Ignite Incorporated. Additionally, anti-mask rhetoric by Board members, facilitators, and volunteers at Sparks Ignite Incorporate will be seen as misconduct and intentional harm.

March 9, 2020

Effective immediately, Sparks is canceling all classes for the remainder of the session due to the rapid spread of the covid 19.

We of course are concerned with protecting the health of our community, but more than that we are concerned for the medically vulnerable, the uninsured, the low income and unemployed people who will be devastated by the rapid spread of covid 19.

Because this is a highly contagious, novel virus for which we have no natural immunity, and because transmission can occur for up to 2 weeks before symptoms manifest, the virus has the capacity to quickly overwhelm a community. Our medical resources are unprepared to manage a large number of people suddenly requiring hospitalization. If we can slow the transmission of covid 19 to a rate our healthcare system can handle, we can improve outcomes until we reach a point where a sizable portion of the population has developed immunity and the virus can be reasonably contained. We can slow transmission through careful hygiene practices and limiting our points of social contact.

As homeschoolers, we are uniquely privileged to be able to limit our points of contact. We feel it is our civic duty and moral obligation to do our part towards slowing the transmission of covid 19. In addition to pausing our Sparks group activity, we will be making carefully considered choices on how far to extend our personal quarantine while still supporting the local economy.

Sparks will be looking into ways to provide opportunities for group meetings online, and we will be in touch regarding invoicing for this shortened session.

Thank you.

Sparks Ignite Incorporated

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