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"Whatever an education is, it must empower you to lead your own life.  It must minimize your chances of being manipulated, of being made a pawn, of being an actor in someone else's play.  Any place that claims to "educate" must give young people actual autonomy, help them develop actual competencies, and facilitate actual social connections.  It must produce self-aware and self-motivated humans, not anxiety-ridden worker bees awaiting their next orders. An education is the capacity to author your own life instead of merely accepting the one handed to you." Blake Boles

Sparks Academy is a self-directed community of learners.  Our approach to education is a balanced combination of a variety of techniques, including facilitator-led lessons, student-directed activities, hands-on projects, & Open Lab time.   Our collaborative, multi-age, open classroom sparks curiosity and provides children with meaningful interactions with each other, real world tools, skills, and ideas.  Providing an environment where children actively take charge of their education and acquire the skills needed to adapt to our ever changing world.